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We take Pride in offering the best maintenance solutions for your entire fleet

Why DPF Cleaning?

DPF Cleaning is essential for preventative maintenance

Pride Fleet Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all of your trucking needs including Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning which uses patented FSX cleaning technologies to ensure the job is done right. We deal with all makes and models, so no matter which truck you drive, we can help you.

$ 200
  • Standard

Filter Cleaning

$ 350
  • Standard Plus

Filter Cleaning + Bake

*Loose clamps and missing gaskets can lead to expensive filter and housing damage, so we always recommend changing your clamps and gaskets at each service.

FSX employs patented bi-directional air scanning technology to purge impurities from your truck’s filters better than similar models. This technology allows for up to 94% of the ash deposits to be removed. The FSX technology’s built-in diagnostic feature makes it possible to detect filters that are failing, so the FSX TrapBurner Thermal Cleaner provides a programmed, regulated thermal regeneration of problematic filters without cracking or damaging them. The Baking cycles are adjustable and can suit a variety of filter types and configurations. The unique upper and lower air jets allow individual cell by cell cleaning from both ends of the filter, allowing for a superior clean. Proper DPF and DOC cleaning not only enhances fuel economy and horsepower while extending the life of your filter, saving you money on replacements. Lower your overall repair costs with planned maintenance.

Why Choose Pride?

✓Environmentally -Friendly cleaning practices

✓Certified Techs

✓Less Waste

✓One-stop-shop for all trucking needs

✓Largest captive parts inventory in Canada

✓Top-of-the-line equipment for superior service

✓Open 24/7 to serve you (*Milton, ON and Mississauga, ON Service Centres)

✓Book an appointment that works for your schedule

✓Drive through

✓Easy access from 401

✓24/7 Helpline

Top-of-the-line Equipment

We use new equipment and technologies to ensure we can always deliver the best service when you need it

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