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Engine repairs

Warranty repairs

Collison and body repairs

Tire repair and replacement

Oil change and filters

Brake pads

DPF cleaning

General maintenance

Towing and roadside assistance and lots more.


Trucking is More Fun and Profitable With us

When you bring your truck to Pride Fleet Solutions rest assured that you will receive the best service at the most competitive rates. Our advanced diagnostic equipment ensures that your vehicle is serviced correctly, APPLY FOR THE PRIDE ROAD$TAR PROGRAM today.

Our advanced diagnostic equipment ensures that your vehicle is serviced correctly, and our team of highly trained mechanics work efficiently to get your truck back on the road as quickly as possible.

You can thus count on us for all minor to major truck and trailer repair and maintenance. We also provide 24/7 roadside assistance and emergency towing services.


Why Choose Our Fuel Card Program?

When you maintain a large fleet, you want to be sure that each truck in your fleet is safe to drive. Not only does this ensure driver safety, but also helps prolong vehicle lifespan and reduce operational costs. Our preventive maintenance services include a detailed inspection of your fleet and the required repairs to ensure each truck is safe, and road ready.
Our full maintenance packages cover every aspect of your fleet’s needs. Oil change, engine tuning, battery testing, suspension, wheel alignment, light check, exhaust and so much more are covered under this package. Whether it is warranty work or not, we will ensure you always get the best and quickest service for your fleet
Our wash bay technicians use cutting-edge pressure cleaning equipment to clean your trucks quickly and efficiently. Our fleet cleaning services include everything from washing to de-greasing frames and engines. We do everything it takes to get your trucks sparkling again!
Our association with NationaLease enables us to provide emergency roadside assistance and towing services to over 900 locations across North America. Whether you need emergency refuelling or towing and collision repair, rest assured Pride Fleet Solutions will be there for you with quickest assistance and the lowest rates.

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